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Maximize In-House Creative Resources By Using A Printing Center

Over the last two decades, the world of graphic design has been turned upside down with the advent of desktop publishing and digital printing. In the “old days,” the Marketing Department would confer with artists, who would then create a design concept with layout, copy, and graphics. The artist would send the art to a printer, who would set the type by hand. Now, an office worker with minimal graphics training can prepare a brochure, adjust the graphics, and print off multiple copies from a local printer or network printer-copier. Where does that leave the professional design firm or the local printing company?

In-House Resources Do The Job Printing Your Project

This in-house creation process does not always result in artistic masterpieces, as not everyone with a computer has the design sense to create good industrial art. For many office ventures that involve sales sheets, signs, flyers, and brochures, a competent graphics software user can deliver output that is more than adequate to do the job. Many offices have high-end copy machines that allow color adjustment, printing on paper up to 11″x17,” and stapling and folding capabilities to bring the project to a successful completion.

However, having in-house creative talent and a copy machine will never eliminate the need for professional design and a print service. Most companies have some projects that need the talent of professionals with advanced training and experience. For major brochures, large format printing of signs or trade show graphics, or specialized jobs, a company is likely to call in the pros on the design or printing end – or both.

Using A Printing Center For Best Results

Even if your company has creative in-house talent and a high-end copy machine, a good Houston printing company still offers capabilities beyond what the average office machine can deliver. A print shop has professionals who know how to get the best out of equipment. In an office, a user must climb a steep learning curve to acquire proficiency with seldom-used features.

In addition, Houston’s top printing center has advanced equipment beyond what most offices need, able to print, collate, and bind thousands of pages per hour. Whether you need high volume, large format printing, output on heavy or oversized paper, multiple cuts, folds or staples, you will get the quality you need to make your design pop.

Having a relationship with The Document Group, Houston’s top full-service printing service, offers you the flexibility to expand the capabilities of your in-house talent. We accept camera-ready jobs online or in person, and can offer any pre-press services you need. Since we man our machines with qualified operators 24/7, we can complete your job on time, and even deliver the output to your office.

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