Litigation Support Services

The founders of The Document Group started their careers working in the litigation support industry over 20 years ago. Their experience and vision to better service the legal community provided the inspiration to start their own litigation services business.

Document Scanning & Litigation Copying: the demise of paper in the legal industry has been greatly exaggerated. Most cases now involve paper and ESI (electronically stored information). When you need traditional litigation copying services, or to have your documents scanned, OCRed (optical character recognition) and/or printed (blowbacks), we have the expertise and capacity to meet your tightest deadlines.

Electronic Discovery Services: Capturing, culling, filtering, searching, document review & producing of ESI to opposing counsel, or complying with a request from a governmental agency requires expertise and technology. As cases become more complex, and the volume of data increases, we provide the ability to project and control expenses while achieving your goals.

Database Hosting: The ability to merge paper documents with electronically stored information effectively along with efficient review and organization of the information will give your team the advantage in any litigation.

Trial Graphics: Simplify trial preparation, produce powerful courtroom presentations (electronic or physical), and gain peace-of-mind with our onsite technical expertise and support. We can also provide test and set-up presentation equipment.

Winning cases is what it’s all about. Juries respond and understand complex cases better with audio / visual presentations. Enhance your ability to achieve a favorable outcome and gain peace-of-mind by using our trial services.

Trial Preparation: Consult with one of our trial consultants to develop a winning strategy. Select appropriate software to prepare, organize relevant facts, collaborate with your trial team, and create graphics & presentations.

  • Trial Presentations: Create and deliver state-of-the-art courtroom presentations for hearings, mediations, arbitrations or trial. Audio / Visual presentations and colorful graphic trial boards capture the eye and crystallize ideas and concepts.
  • Onsite Technical Expertise & Support: Our team will provide the technical knowledge to facilitate a smooth set-up and flawless execution. We can also remain onsite to support with technical details and any needed last minute adjustments.
  • Trial Presentation Equipment & Set-up: In addition to onsite expertise, we can provide technical equipment for your war room and the courtroom including computers, projectors, scanners, printers and copiers.

On Site PrintingWhen security and confidentiality of documents is critical, or when dealing with working documents we can take our technology and equipment anywhere in the country.

Free pickup and delivery to the Houston Metro Area. We are NOT just a printing company.