Litigation Copy

Why Us? Experience

The Document Group leadership, sales and operations team has over 150 years of combined experience in litigation copy. Long before computers became the norm in law firms, and scanning was just a dream, we were meeting client deadlines and page checking copies against the originals to ensure quality. Even though advanced technology has had a major impact on the discovery process, copy is still very much a part of our pedigree. Why? Because many of our client’s still want and need paper documents to effectively manage their cases or projects.


When the need arises, your project will be quickly picked-up by one of our trained Account Managers or Customer Service Representatives who will take detailed written instructions on exactly how you want your project to be processed. You will also have confidence knowing the price and turn-around time before the original documents leave your office. Once your documents arrive at our secure facility, the project instructions will be thoroughly communicated to the operations team for processing.  All of our employees have at least ten years of experience in litigation support roles.

Need your project numbered and labeled

Our experienced Bates labeling staff are fast and accurate, and even the labels will be quality checked before being applied to your important documents. Or, if you prefer, we can scan your documents, electronically number the images (brand), and print (blowback) the results.  With clean typewritten originals, this is a snap.

Finally, your project will be checked page-to-page by our experienced quality-control specialists who will correct any errors found. The copies will then be carefully packaged to exactly reflect your instructions, and your originals returned to their pre-project condition. Both copies and originals will be delivered, on-time to the location(s) of your choosing by your personal Account Manager, or Customer Service Representative.

To learn more about how The Document Group can benefit your practice, contact us or request a free quote. Our Litigation Copy department is waiting to serve you.