Business Scanning

Document Scanning Saves Time and Money

Document scanning has far  more benefits than you may have realized.  Having your digital images stored on your devices adds a level of protection and privacy for any important documents that need to be accessed periodically.  Scanning also increases productivity by creating faster document accessibility, which in turn improves employee’s ease of use and, ultimately, better customer service.scanning

Another benefit to consider is that scanning can allow multiple people to have simultaneous access to a file. When a paper file is checked out, no one else can look at it. This wastes time for the person waiting and can cause problems in the office. Scanned documents allow for multiple people to view the file, at the same time, all accessed from a central digital location.

Don’t forget all the space you will free up!  

Another side benefit to scanning your paper documents to digital images with The Document Group is the reduction of paper volume in your workspace.  Imagine those unsightly boxes cluttering your workspace magically gone and a tiny flash drive in your hand replacing them.  Whether it is cd’s, flash drives, or an online service like Dropbox, we can deliver your valuable images safely.  If you need those boxes of paper gone from sight, say no more, we offer shedding services. The space taken up by the paper files is sometimes so large, that removing the boxes of files allows you to release some office space and grow without moving.

But Wait, There’s more!

scanningJust having your media digitized is not all that we can offer you at scan time. At The Document Group, we also offer coding/indexing, OCR, file naming, and branding/endorsing your images with watermarks or text labels.  Our coding service creates data files, in multiple formats, that allow for fielded data to be ingested into many types of software packages.  If you need to know the title and number of your oilfield drawings, we can help.  In case you need load files for litigation software, we are the place to go.  Assuming that you just need us to name the pdf files with your particular naming scheme, it is done.  

Optical Character Recognition

Our OCR service is industry standard.  We use multiple OCR engines to allow for the optimal retrieval of all editable text.  However, there are many more variables to think of when dealing with OCR.  Your TDG sales person can help with any questions you may have. Remember that bad scanning equates to bad OCR. The best OCR comes from good scanning of the paper to give good, clean images.

Branding / Endorsing

Endorsing, or branding, your images is a snap of the fingers to us.  We can offer bates labeling for law firms, or a watermark for proprietary work.  We are happy to help you put confidential messages, page numbering, or any other idea you need placed on your images.  Your original images are never harmed in the making of our branded images. Suppose you need copies of both versions, we have it covered.  Remember, Service Is Our Style!




The Types of Scanning We Provide:

According to a study published at the University of Mass Medical Center, so many costs are associated with storing and retrieving a file. The time it takes to retrieve a paper file or document is entirely too long. The slow retrieval time is reflected in delayed, or even lost, income. This manual retrieval system requires labor or space expense and often times results in lost files due to simple human activity. Meanwhile, the manual system also lacks the security requirements dictated by various laws surrounding digital items.  Lastly, backups rarely exist for paper files. Lost files can cause billions of dollars in expenses for large companies, or small ones.

Are your files in a safe place? Do your current storage methods comply with the privacy laws such as HIPAA and GLB? If there was a natural disaster in your area, are your documents protected? Could you be back in business in a matter of hours, days, weeks?

The HIPAA law enacted in 1996 mandates the privacy of patient records. Also, the Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) is another federal law requiring financial institutions to “respect the privacy of its customers and to protect the security and confidentiality of those customers’ non-public personal information.”

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