Document Review Hosting

Document hosting services allow organizations, and individuals, the use of innovative online software.  You can organize, search, and review electronic documents collected in discovery.  Paper documents can be scanned and input to the service also.  The ability to merge paper documents with electronically stored information can enhance your document review and organization. This gives your team the advantage in any litigation. To find out how to have your documents hosted with TDG, click HERE to go to our fee quote page.


TDG is a proud partner of Disco

Disco is a state-of-the-art, flat fee, web-based, document review solution. The software offers a feature-rich environment.  Our hosting is the complete platform with a relentless focus on speed and ease of use for users.  One of the main points discussed about Disco is the time it takes to learn.  Most users found an hour of instruction to be more than adequate to feel confident in using the software.  The focus on speed allows even the slowest wi-fi signal to search in lightning time.

The costs include:
  • Processing your Native Files to PDF for ingestion
  • Review of your documents online
  • Analysis of your data though filters
  • Production of your documents when you are ready 

It can be used with any modern web browser including the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.  Disco is also available for more mobile solutions, including the iPad and other tablets.  Try a Disco demonstration today, Contact TDG HERE to schedule a demo.

Corporations have long-term legal situations that others do not.  This requires total solutions to ensure that their mission critical documents can be accessed, stored, reviewed, organized, and produced. The Document Group has the capabilities, resources and experience to deploy the leading hosted review platform, Disco, for our clients. We can provide the expert technical support to efficiently load the data, manage the databases, train the users, secure backup and troubleshoot any issues.  All client connections to Disco are SSL encrypted with a 128-bit symmetric key and a 4096-bit public keys.  Passwords are stored as hash values, encrypted, and never in plain text.

Other Platforms

While TDG does promote Disco as our database hosting option, we still support many other software packages.  We supply load files to Relativity, iPro products, Ringtail, Concordance, Trial Director, and many others.  We also offer technical support for many of these platforms as well.  If you are stuck and need help, just call us.

To learn more about how The Document Group can benefit your practice, contact us or request a free quote. Our Database Hosting department is waiting to resolve your data problems.