Microfilm and Microfiche

Microfilm/Microfiche Services From The Document Group In Houston

Looking for an economical way to preserve valuable documents, yet have them accessible when you or future users need them? While digital scanning is an important part of any plan to store documents, microfilming also has its place in today’s increasingly paperless world.

The Document Group of Houston can help you develop a document storage plan and scan your microfilm  records.

The Microfilm/Microfiche Advantage

The microfilm process captures documents on rolls or flat sheets of film, which in the past was only viewed on a special microfilm reader that magnifies the text and graphics. Though we now live in a digital age, microfilm is still a safe and economical way of preserving information. Why? Film lasts indefinitely, while the process is less subject to changes in technology. File formats for digital images change, which can make future access difficult, but microfilm images are always accessible.

Modern microfilming equipment enhances a 200-year-old technology with state-of-the-art scanning techniques so that items can be preserved in color as well as grayscale or bi-tonal formats, captured on film, and output to print, CD/DVD, files, USB Email, or cloud. Accessing information from microfilm is now as easy as opening a computer file.

Cost Advantages Of Microfilm/Microfiche Storage

Having your records preserved on film offers several cost advantages, especially when you consider long-term storage costs. Though document scanning seems to magically suck files into cyberspace, storing them requires server space that is costly. This is a good investment for documents and drawings your staff accesses frequently, but vital or historical documents you need to keep can be more cost-effectively captured on microfilm.

The Document Group Advantage

Regardless of your document maintenance and storage needs, the Document Group of Houston has a solution for you where microfilm might be useful. We offer just what you need:

  • State-of-the-art equipment for production level or small jobs
  • Compatible with microfiche, jumbo fiche, micro cards, 16/35mm roll microfilm, M type and see clip cartridges, Aperture cards, photographic slides, negatives
  • Grayscale, bi-tonal, or color capture in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP formats
  • OCR, Annotation, and RapidScan Batch scanning available
  • Versatile output options including CD DVD, file, USB, print, email, cloud
  • Onsite or offsite film capture

Located in downtown Houston, The Document Group production facilities work to ensure our availability when you need our services. We will work with you to set up the type of document management system you need. Then we can securely and accurately scan your records to the microfilm or digital format that works best for you.

Request your free quote today on our microfilm/microfiche services.