The Top Printing Company To Work On Trial Prep | TDG Answers

The Document Group is focused on helping all of our clients win their cases. We are a Houston printing company that provides a full range of legal document services with a strong focus on trial preparation. While some Houston commercial printing companies only provide services outside of the courtroom, the Document Group works with our clients in the courtroom to achieve the best outcome possible.

On Your Side – Trial Preparation Focused On Achieving Positive Results

While we offer a full range of litigation support services before the trial, what makes us unique is our expert trial preparation and in the courtroom services. Before you go to trial, our certified trial consultants will work with you to create a plan to utilize all of our technology resources to bolster your case, and present complex information clearly and effectively. We help select software for trial use, organize information, and create presentations that have an impact.

Trial Presentations Designed To Make Your Case Crystal Clear

As a Houston printing service provider, our experts have decades of experience putting together presentations that make all of the relevant facts in a case crystal clear. Since judges and juries don’t have the benefit of pouring over case materials for hours like your lawyers have, your trial graphics and presentation have to be custom tailored. We deliver presentations on every medium, from poster boards to multimedia A/V presentations that are ideal for use in hearings, arbitration, and trial.

Flawless Execution – On-Site Setup And Technical Support

There is nothing worse than a piece of information technology equipment that doesn’t want to work the morning of a trial. We don’t just put together a presentation on a CD and hand it off to you, we send our technical gurus with you to the courtroom to make sure all of your presentations are set-up and optimized for display. We will stay with you up to the last minute to ensure you have all the tools necessary to win your case.

Our support services are also great for your war room. We can set up computers, projectors, scanners, printers and copiers so you can focus on the case. We even have mobile scanning equipment for instant document scanning and imaging.

At The Document Group, we are more than a commercial Houston printing company. We help our clients get the most out of their printed materials, to put them to good use at trial. Contact us today for a free quote!