Preparing Packets Is A Snap When You Use A Copy Service | The Document Group

Since people learn better when they experience information via multiple senses at once, handouts are an important learning aid to any type of presentation. They may consist of a transcript of the material you offer, charts, maps, supplementary articles, worksheets or even a workbook. In contrast to using printed books or manuals, putting together a packet of handouts allows you to vary, or add to, the contents. As your presentation or audience changes, so can your packet.

Partner With A Good Houston Copy Service

The logistics of preparing such packets can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. Outsourcing copying and collation of the items in the packet to a local Houston copy service is the perfect solution for a busy professional.  Whether you want to assemble course materials for your high school or college class, summer camp or Sunday School attendees, new employees, or participants in an upcoming business meeting or workshop, a copy service can do the prep work for you.

Once you gather the contents of your package, you can arrange for printing with a quick trip to The Document Shop, Houston’s top copy shop, which works 24/7 to meet your deadlines. When you are preparing for a class or other event, arranging to have your handouts printed is only one item on your long to-do list. By using our free metro pick-up and delivery services, or submitting documents online, you can spend your time working on content instead of feeding sheets into the copy machine.

Giving Your Packets A Professional Touch

Entrusting your packet preparation to a copy company can offer you great flexibility. You may want to add materials to the packet that are different sizes, or prepare some pages in color and others in black and white. For frequently used-items such as maps, charts or tip sheets, you may want them printed on heavier paper, or to laminate them.  While this can be a challenge to do yourself, a copy service has the personnel and equipment to prepare packets in any quantity, in any mix of materials. If you want to bind a manual that goes in the packet, you can choose from several types of spiral binds, stapling, saddle stitching, and more. If you anticipate adding to the materials, you can even have sheets punched and inserted in a ring binder.

Especially if you need a large supply of packets, you want the finished product to be easy to distribute. The Document Group can shrink wrap your materials so you can easily hand them out, or store them until you need them.

Whether you need competent printing service or a full service copy shop to help you create and bind packets of materials, The Document Group in Houston is the best partner you can find. Contact us today to get started.