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Professional Document Copying, Fundraising, and You

Planning a fundraiser? If so, you know that a lot of copying is involved in the early stages, along with plenty of folding, inserting, and mailing. When the event finally comes, having a copying partner is a great asset in producing the collateral you need to show off your organization.

Fundraising is about encouraging others to part with their money and give it to you. Occasionally, this can be accomplished just by asking potential donors, but when an event is involved, you need printed and copied materials from several categories. Your goal is to create awareness of your cause and your organization in a way that is memorable. Commercial copy services make it possible for you to have a variety of matching pieces that give your fundraising efforts the same professional look that larger companies and nonprofits achieve.


With modern graphics and desktop publishing software, you may be able to design much of your material yourself. When it comes to producing enough copies of the different things you need, your best bet is often to go to a commercial copy shop.

A facility such as The Document Group of Houston, Texas, can speedily prepare what you need in any volume, often more economically than what you could do on your own equipment. A commercial copy shop has the variety of paper.  They keep inventory in stock in different weights, finishes, and sizes.  This allows them to accommodate anything from a postcard to a poster.

You might run into limitations with your equipment.  Even if you stock up on the variety of materials you would need to pull off the job you cannot expect the issues that a print shop would.  When it comes to producing signs, posters, bound materials, and heavyweight sheets, cost outweighs to need to “DIY”.

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Professionally Copied Pieces You Can Use

From start to finish, your fundraising project might involve many printed or copied pieces.

  • The initial approach: Invitations, postcards, and letters. Though email and social media are important for promoting events these days, there’s nothing like printed materials to get the point across. Whether you want a save-the-date postcard, a formal invitation, or a heartfelt letter outlining your cause and concluding in an invitation to an event, a printed piece adds credibility.
  • Providing more information: Booklets, brochures, and reports. Whether you call donors or send them an invitation, some will be wary of opening their wallets without knowing more information about your cause or your organization. An informative booklet, an attractive but concise trifold brochure, or an annual report can assure donors that your cause has merit and substance.
  • Increasing your sales: Tickets. Whether you are hosting a ticketed event or selling tickets for a raffle in conjunction with it, a commercial print shop can produce large quantities of scored and numbered tickets on the appropriate stiff paper.
  • Advertising the event: Signs, posters, and billboards. When you’re throwing a major event, you don’t want to just print a batch of flyers and have your friends post them on their office bulletin boards. You want the impact of larger graphic pieces to advertise the event. Office copiers can’t do the same job on signs, posters, and billboards that a commercial shop can do. You need large format printing on not just paper but even on fabric, cardboard, plastic, or foam board.
  • At the event: programs, playbills, and souvenirs. Whether your fundraiser is taking the form of a dinner, concert, play, game, or other event, you will need large quantities of programs and agendas to guide participants through the event, plus sign-up forms and maybe even a packet of materials for donors. A commercial copy shop can prepare these materials for you and even have them folded, bound, or packed in printed envelopes for easy distribution.
  • Post-event mailers: Thank-you notes and further chances to give. Once your event is over, you might want to thank your guests as well as remind them to mail in their pledge or donate more. Coordinating pieces from your commercial copy shop can wrap up your event in style.

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