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Promotional products can cost less than a dollar, yet they are workhorses of the trade show and event marketing industry. By building brand recognition and planting seeds in people’s minds that come to fruition when they need to make a purchase, giveaways can generate thousands of dollars of revenue in return. Like everything else in the advertising world, the most popular giveaways are trendy for a while, until the next big thing hits the trade show floor. So what products are attendee favorites in 2014?

The Trendy – Giveaways Attendees Love Best In 2014

  • – Hand sanitizer is the perfect giveaway in an environment where strangers are shaking hands. A small imprinted bottle should last beyond the show.
  • – Touchscreen cleaning clothes are handy for cleaning phone and tablet screens. When made of indestructible microfiber and marked with your logo, they will last long after the show.
  • – Lip balm is an unusual giveaway that can come in handy on the show floor and at other times during the attendee’s trip. Long after the event, it may be in the attendee’s purse, pocket, or desk drawer.
  • – A car USB charger, a useful gift in the age of electronics, will still stick with attendees long after the show and is something virtually everyone can use.
  • USB drives can pack a double whammy if you both imprint the outside and include a file with company information on the drive itself. Even if the attendee removes the file after viewing, your imprinting remains.
  • – Since few people use mice with roller balls anymore, mouse pads have limited appeal these days. However, other tech gifts such as power banks, phone stands, or styli have universal appeal.

The Tried And True

  • Reusable bags or totes are immediately useful for holding literature and other goodies. With a logo and tagline imprinted on one side or both, they make others aware of your corporate name and serve as a long-term reminder to the trade show attendee.
  • – Pens, the ubiquitous tradeshow giveaway, are available at all price points. Cheap ones, even if branded, tend to be tossed out or left unused, while better quality ones have the potential of daily use. A twist on this classic, such as a pen and highlighter combo, might be more memorable.
  • – Flashlights, especially flat, colorful branded ones that can go on a keychain are practical items that people will actually use.

The Appreciated, But Short-Lived

  • – Mints and gum imprinted with the company name are a useful gesture, particularly at an all day event full of personal interaction. But these items obviously have a short shelf life, so they are generally considered an “add on” item.
  • – Disposable water bottles recognize the reality that walking a trade show is thirsty work. Attendees regard water as a thoughtful gesture, but discard or recycle the bottle when it is gone. Crafty marketers might extend the impact of bottles by putting a code under the label that attendees would check on their website for a chance to win a better prize.  

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