Safety And Security - Houston's Record Retrieval Company

Your legal staff is extremely busy preparing for trial, so let The Document Group handle your record retrieval needs with our safe and efficient retrieval services. We’ll handle all your record retrieval needs whether it is from people, businesses, or government agencies. Plus, we use all of the latest technology and best practices to maintain the strictest confidentiality.

Safe And Secure Record Retrieval From The Top Houston Printing Company

Our experts know all of the regulations and laws protecting sensitive information, and we treat all of our clients’ requests with the utmost importance. We work hard to guarantee everything we obtain is completely admissible.

Every employee at The Document Group signs a HIPPA agreement to keep all of the records obtained so that they remain confidential. We work with clients from a wide range of industries who need confidential records retrieval, from law firms and insurance agencies to information brokers and investigative agencies.

How The Document Group Provides Exceptional Records Retrieval Service

Records retrieval can be an art all onto itself, especially with older records and items that haven’t been digitized yet. We leverage our knowledge of civil rules and procedures, plus the latest retrieval technology and procedures, to get the information that our clients need in a timely manner. Our company has established long term relationships with many records custodians which enable us to get exactly what you need, in the format that you need it. If you utilize our professionals for records retrieval, you will quickly see why we offer a superior product.

Five Easy Steps For Record Retrieval

Getting the information that you need doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are just five easy steps between you and the records that your company needs:

  1. Submit your request through email, over the phone, with a fax, or through the form on our website.
  2. The requests are issued to the providers via authorization request or subpoena request.
  3. We run all of the follow-up, and provide you with an up-to-date status of each order; we understand why many requests are so time sensitive.
  4. After retrieval is complete, our document intake department checks the records to ensure completeness and accuracy, and will work to correct any issues found before returning the records to you.
  5. We deliver the final product on paper or through electronic media. Everything is handled by secure courier and is password protected. We can even take the records and directly convert them into presentations or graphics for use in trial preparation and in the courtroom itself.

At The Document Group, we are more than a commercial Houston printing company. We help our clients with all of their litigation needs from records retrieval to trial preparation. Contact us today for a free quote!