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Need Litigation Services? Find The Right Printing Company In Houston

As a law firm, your company has requirements beyond the usual customer’s desire for quick and efficient printing service. You have a particular need for a high degree of accuracy and convenience, along with innovative ways to deliver service anytime you need it. You may even need litigation support, which means you require a variety of services available to you exactly when you need them.

Put simply, a copy service that can provide flexibility. A facility that requires you to drop off and pick up your materials during business hours just won’t work for you.

Your needs may fall into three general areas: printing, presentation materials, and litigation support.

Complete Legal Printing

Even though you may have high-end copy equipment in your office, printing services are often much more efficient. Why? Aside from being carefully reproduced with great attention to proper sequence, the legal briefs, trial presentations, appeal documents, and other materials that you need printed may have special requirements, such as:

  • Bates stamping for proper identification of each image and each page
  • Drilling, indexing, and binding so that the finished documents can be inserted in binders or properly bound for easy use
  • High-volume capacity for major trials

For ultimate convenience, need a copy service that will pick up and deliver your materials, accept electronic files for printing, or if you require utmost confidentiality, do the work for you at your location.

Preparation Of Trial Graphics And Exhibits

When you have images or documents integral to your case, large-scale, clear graphics are important to making your case to the judge and jury. You may need both graphic images and documents enlarged, laminated, and mounted.

During the trial, you may need someone to manage the technical equipment in the courtroom and the private area where you strategize.

Litigation Support Services

In an electronic age, you may not just need to assemble paper documents for trial, but also manage ESI, or Electronically Stored Information. This process could include:

  • Having some documents scanned and others saved in PDF format decoded and made searchable through OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Providing electronic discovery (E-discovery) to uncover evidence stored in data sources
  • Obtaining authorization for record release from employers, doctors and hospitals, educational institutions, tax agencies, and the Social Security Administration
  • Dispatching files in response to subpoenas
  • Providing an FTP site where you can deposit documents
  • Hosting a well-organized database that merges paper and electronically stored documents
  • Verifying that you are in compliance with electronic filing requirements
  • Providing records in whatever form is required, be it hard copy, CD/DVD, or electronic files on a private server

The Document Group Has You Covered

Located in downtown Houston, The Document Group offers a full range of services to the legal community that will offer you the support you need during any trial or legal proceeding. We have the technology to assist you at our site or yours and offer you the convenience of 24/7 operation and free pickup and delivery within the Houston Metro area. We can ship printed materials and media throughout the country.

To find out more about the comprehensive package of services that Document Group offers to the legal community, call us today at 888-316-4670 or 713-343-4005.