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How Litigation Copying Helps The Litigation Process

Litigation, especially large-scale cases, requires massive preparation time beforehand. Tasks like document copy, eDiscovery, or serving notices will take up too much of your time. However, nothing can be as overwhelming in a litigation case as paperwork.

Even with the introduction of e-filing, modern litigation cases still require a staggering amount of paperwork and copies. Large cases that involve multiple parties can involve potentially thousands of filings and millions of documents exchanged during discovery, but even small cases involve a mountain of paperwork.

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Check Which Copy Service Best Suits You

A service like document scanning can make the paperwork process less overwhelming, since it’s often more convenient to have an electronic copy of a document instead of having to keep track of a hard copy.  However,  there are times when having to create multiple hard copies of a document is unavoidable, such as when you have to file petitions with the court.

For large scale litigation cases, it’s good practice to hire litigation support just to keep track of all of the paperwork rules and deadlines for a case . A specialized litigation copying service helps since the service is familiar with the litigation process and the frequent copying that comes with it. A litigation copying service can also provide scanning services to create digital copies of paperwork to keep for your records.

Digital documents are easy to cross-categorize and produce less waste than traditional paperwork. It’s true that modern day office scanners make an easy job of creating a digital copy of a document. However, multiply the process of placing a document on the glass and pressing “scan” hundreds, or even thousands, of times, and you have quite a task ahead of you. In certain situations, it’s much more practical to outsource the job to a firm that specializes in legal scanning and litigation copying.

Additional Benefits To Consider

When creating and copying documents for a litigation case, there are some valuable benefits that litigation support brings to the table:

  • A systematic approach to organizing documents for best efficiency
  • eDiscovery services that free up your time to take care of more pressing tasks
  • Tracking correspondence and pleadings
  • Tracking dates and deadlines
  • Practical things like not having to replace office toner and ink cartridges

Few professional areas involve as much paperwork as litigation, so it’s best to hire a copying service who is experienced with litigation matters and your needs as a law professional. This is especially true in large-scale cases, where litigation support is needed the most.

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