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Does your company have paper files located in cabinets in the workspace or boxes of old documents warehoused in a storage area? This plan usually works well unless an accident or natural disaster disrupts your facility. Assuming your files even survive the incident, recovery can be slow as you try to keep your business afloat and piece together customer and product information. To avert this business interruption, having paper files scanned and kept in a secure off-site location is the smart solution for businesses today.

Devastation In West, TX

In April 2013, a terrible explosion rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. This tragic event, which claimed 17 lives including 11 first responders, and injured over 160 people, also destroyed or heavily damaged 150 buildings onsite and in the surrounding area.  Amidst the devastating damage, the fertilizer plant as well as many businesses, schools, and homeowners lost years of paper records.

Risk Management Scanning Protects Your Business

Events like this explosion, as well as events such as fires, hurricanes, floods and tornados, and even intentional acts of burglary and terrorism, spotlight the need to have a thorough risk management plan in place to allow your business to resume operations as soon as possible. As a crucial part of risk management, scanning current and archived files and storing them in a secure facility can help you rebuild your files quickly and continue operating your business.

Onsite Scanning Protects Your Documents And Makes Them More Accessible

Having a company like The Document Group convert your files from hardcopy to versatile electronic images and maintain the copies allows you to minimize loss and downtime. Whether you want us to pick up the records and do the scanning at our facility or provide onsite mobile document scanning at your location, we can help you prepare for the unexpected – and the routine.

Studies show that archiving scanning makes files more accessible for everyday use, improves customer service, and assures privacy. When accessing records online, your staff spends less time shuffling and deciphering aging paper documents and more time serving your clients. Bottom line: scanned files require no storage space and improve efficiency while protecting you in case of disaster.

Arrange For Document Scanning Today

With such a high volume of petrochemical facilities in and around the Houston area, it simply makes smart business sense to protect your valuable documents with risk management scanning. Don’t be caught off-guard by what you can’t control. Click here for a free quote for document scanning, or call us today at 713-343-4000.

If you’d like to find out more information about the fertilizer plant explosion or help in the rebuilding of homes and lives in West, Texas,