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“Being Green” is a familiar buzzword in modern business, but transforming your business into one that is committed to sustainability, low resource consumption, and waste reduction is more than just a notion.

Recycling office paper, ink and toner cartridges, and soda cans is a good start, but to get to the root of the problem, your company – and your employees – must develop different attitudes about using resources and creating waste. Forward-thinking businesses can move toward making the administrative side of their business “paperless”, by scanning old documents and viewing current documents as electronic PDF files. In the process, you can reduce your overall costs and educate your employees about the benefits.

On-Site Scanning Services Can Help You Go Green And Reduce Costs

Document scanning is the ultimate green solution for modern businesses for two main reasons. First, paper documents take up physical space in filing cabinets and storage facilities. When your company, often with the help of an on-site scanning service, converts paper files to electronic ones, you may need less physical space for your operations, which reduces your “footprint.”

Second, after a scanning company has helped with the initial phase of document conversion, authorized employees who need the documents can access them online. Often, the user just needs to double check something in the file, so there is no need to print out the whole document. A user who needs a file repeatedly can even download the file to his or her computer for future use, which reduces the volume of corporate printing.

Utilizing scanning services enables a company to reduce costs. If keeping paper copies for a period of time is mandated by law for your business, you can move old records to a less costly warehouse space, or even have them housed by the scanning shop.

Archiving paper documents requires employees to retrieve them. Though electronic documents do require oversight after scanning, a company can deploy workers in other areas or reduce personnel costs.

Employee Education

With electronic document storage systems in place after initial scanning services, companies who aim to be green must educate employees to be more conscious of the environmental impact of the goods and services they use. In modern offices with a copy machine on site and printer available for every user or workgroup, your employees are used to printing and copying what they need or want, without being concerned about cost. By encouraging workers to view scanned documents on the screen rather than printing them out, your company not only saves trees by using less paper, but also uses less ink and less petroleum-based plastic used in ink housings. A “think before you print” approach saves both money and resources.

Does your company need to green up its approach to document maintenance? The Document Group of Houston is ready to help you. With on-site scanning services, as well as pickup and storage of your documents, we can help your business go paperless. Contact us today to see how.