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With The Document Group digital print department, you can be prepared for your trade shows be it this year or next.  As the season ramps up, you may already be thinking about preparing your booth for next year’s schedule (or trying to catch up with this year’s). If you want a fresh look for the fall shows, you may have already dismissed getting another booth, given the costs involved. Refreshing your collateral marketing materials and the look within your booth is quite another matter. By updating banners, signs, presentations, and brochures, you can make a major change in appearance for a reasonable cost.  At The Document Group, we excel at providing those materials on time, every time! 

Why Refresh Your collateral?

Maybe your company has made changes in its logo or added a tagline to its branding. Maybe you have launched a new product or service. Or maybe you just need a refreshed look. By replacing your back wall banner on the booth, adding exhibit stands, or even adding technology to your display, you can add new life to the display.

Many companies have multiple sets of marketing collateral to accommodate different shows they attend. Even if your company hits the same shows every year, alternating collateral changes things up. If you have three or four sets of graphics, that means that you only display a particular set once every three or four years. Even the most seasoned tradeshow attendee is likely to be vague on details of what they last saw three or four years ago.

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Finding The Right Printer

Once you decide you want a new look, you may want to get your marketing consultant or at least a photographer into the mix to design and get any needed photos. Once your materials are prepared, you next need to find a company that can print the small format and large-format and who is equipped to make other products such as brochures, presentations, training materials, ect. In Houston, that is The Document Group, experts in printing graphics of all types, and providers of many related services.

TDG can also supply you with collateral marketing materials you take to the show to distribute to attendees and, if your company is presenting a workshop or seminar, they can even print other materials such as brochures, information packets, presentations, and banner or signs. Many visitors to shows want to travel home light, so what you have to show need not be complex or expensive. Trifold brochures, one sheets, and other easily transportable materials that introduce your company can be enough to trigger interest.

When preparing for tradeshows, having the right promotional products that fit your company’s image and your budget is a part of show planning you do not want to take lightly. These days, quickly ordering cheap ballpoint pens and other cheap giveaways may not be as valuable as putting more thought and money into the process. Cheap and useless items end up in the back of people’s drawers or are given to their kids to play with, not kept on a potential buyer’s desk. Since personalized giveaways imprint your company name on an attendee’s mind, you want a printer who can produce your lowball message in small but readable type so that it has impact.

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